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JOIN US:  Wednesdays 7pm-9pm

This small group program provides support to participants for the healing of old psycho-spiritual issues and developing better life skills for attaining their personal goals.  This group offers you:

  • COMMUNITY: a safe and supportive small group to share with others who have experienced similar challenges from their childhoods.
  • SPIRITUALITY: a loving space to heal painful childhood memories and to find greater inner peace, connection with others and one’s higher power.
  • EDUCATION: learning healthy ways to self regulate and reduce emotional distress through mindfulness practices, somatic processing and more.
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALING: sharing one’s stories, psychodrama, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) forgiveness of self and others, self compassion and other practices for healing and moving beyond old issues.
  • PERSONAL GROWTH: support and accountability for setting and attaining healthy goals for one’s life that align with one’s values, interests and skills.

OUR GROUP LEADER is Robert Cornell, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. 

  • A former Zen Buddhist monk, Robert has decades of experience leading small groups on the themes of psychological and spiritual healing and growth and vocational issues.
  • He has thirty years of experience running his own award winning landscape design firm (see
  • He has recently finished writing his first book, Fifty Ways of Letting Go on psychological and spiritual growth.
  • For further information about his experience and the different groups he leads, go to: and


  • REGISTER – Contact Robert at 626-398-5581 or by email at
  • FEE – $75 per month.
  • MEETING SCHEDULE – The group meets at Westminster Center twice monthly on Wednesday nights, 7-9pm.

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