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Why I’m Going To Be a Morning Person

Why I'm Going To Be a Morning Person

Why I’m Going To Be a Morning Person

I have always been a night owl.  Dinner with good friends, catching up on my favorite TV shows, evening walks under the moonlight and stars, hot chocolate and a good book,  ice cream in my jammies — there’s always been something so indulgent about the fun things to enjoy after a long day of work.  I never dreamed I’d change my ways.

It all started a few years ago when I began noticing some people around me who had:

  • alert conversation at 9am without legalized stimulants to keep their eyes open
  • a tummy well-fed (not grumbling like mine) motoring them through to lunch
  • peace about their plans for the day and not easily flustered
  • no urgent need for a 3pm chocolate boost
  • a regular sense of accomplishment when the day was done.

Who were these people??  Why weren’t they sleepwalking through their morning like me?  Why did they seem more productive and yet more relaxed?  Well, I came to find out they all shared the same secret:  They are morning people.  And, I had a few things to learn from them.

Morning people realize that a good day begins the night before — and not by stuffing every possible activity into their evening and prolonging the inevitable bedtime.  It’s easier for them to get out of bed because they’ve already logged their 8 hours, while I’m still working at the log pile.

Morning people have learned that breakfast is as important to their day as gas in the tank.  It’s a non-negotiable for them because without it they know they won’t get far.  Breakfast wakes them up and gets them moving.  I, on the other hand, regularly skipped breakfast and probably wasted 1-2 hours each day sputtering to my lunch hour on fumes from the night before.

Morning people value easing themselves into their day.  They take time to reflect on the day ahead over their favorite mug of something warm.  They write in their journals.  They spend time reading devotionals and practicing meditations.  Whether it’s 10 minutes or 60, they wake up their minds gently because they know that how they behave in their first hour or two can set the pace for the day.  I often slept until the very last second, jumped in the shower, and skipped applying any makeup just so I wasn’t late to work!  Sure, I made it.  But, it also left me feeling a few steps behind all day long.

Morning people aren’t always born that way.  This has been my most startling discovery.  True “morning people” are the ones who, regardless of their natural disposition, embrace the morning hours for the possibilities they hold and intentionally determine to make the most of them.

And that’s just it.  I never knew it was a choice.  But, it is.  I can choose to go to bed at 1am, oversleep my gentle transition into the day, stumble through to lunch clutching my coffee mug, and go home at night frustrated and frazzled.  Or, I can choose to forgo the instant gratification of the late show, tuck myself in at 10pm, and begin my day rested, fueled, and focused.  The choice is mine.  I can have what true morning people enjoy because I don’t have to be a slave to my old lifestyle.  I have the power to take back my mornings.  I am going to be a morning person because I CAN be a morning person.

And so can you.

Katherine Carter

LMFT & Director | Westminster Center

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